At the age of 12 Greg entered into a relationship with a 26-year-old male, who initially told him he was 18. He first developed this relationship online and met in person after two weeks.

The man made him feel like he was in an intimate relationship and he listened to him and agreed with him when he told him how unfair his life was.

Greg started being introduced to other adults by the man. He felt like these men were the only people he had. He felt that they liked him for being himself.

But then he was told to go to places and have sex with men, and train tickets and cabs were paid for him to get to the locations. The abuse he experienced became more severe and sadistic and he was put into very risky situations.

Eventually Greg was referred to Barnardo’s, who worked with him to help him to understand the reality of his abuse and how he had been groomed and taken advantage of.