Perhaps someone is pressurising you to do something you’re uncomfortable about or don’t want to do. Or maybe you’re worried that something bad is happening to your friend. Either way, the first step to stopping abuse is to report it.


During the pandemic

We are all spending more time online for learning, working and socialising. This means that we are all at increased risk of harms that can occur online. More information is available on how to keep yourself and your child safe in the digital environment.

CEOP – the short name for the National Crime Agency’s CEOP Command – is an organisation that exists to help young people who are or are at risk of being sexually abused.

The sorts of things you should report

You should report someone to CEOP if they are:

  • Forcing you or pressurising you into having sex when you don’t want to.
  • Chatting to you online about sex.
  • Asking to meet you face to face if you only met them online.
  • Asking you to send or post sexual photos of yourself.
  • Asking you to do sexual things on webcam or smartphone.
  • Making you feel worried, anxious or unsafe in any other way.

If one or more of these is happening to you or your friend, report it to CEOP.

How to report it

Go to and click on the yellow button that says ‘Make a CEOP report’.

What happens next

Once you’ve reported your worries to CEOP you will be contacted by a child protection advisor whose job is to make sure you are safe. They’ll talk to you about what has happened to you or your friend then they’ll plan the next best steps with you.

If you’re not ready to report it

If you don’t feel ready to report the abuse but would just like to talk to someone, call ChildLine on 0800 1111. You won’t have to give your name or address and anything you say will remain private between you and the person you speak to.

Only if you or your friend is in danger will the information be shared with others. For example, the police or social services might be told so that they can step in and help.

You can find out more about what happens when you call ChildLine here